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Farcry CMS – Friendly URLS

I have been playing around a good bit with Farcry CMS a content management system for coldfusion. I have it up and running at (not really much up there mostly a domain that I use to play with stuff for the time being) I have now set it up successively with both mollio and the friendly url plugin under IIS 6. Mollio was pretty straight forward using the directions here. As for the friendly URL plugin it was a little more work. I started by following all the directions here, but they leave out one important point you need to install an ISAPI Rewrite plugin under IIS. I just installed this per the directions at the site here and created an IsapiRewrite4.ini file in the same directory as the plugin and added this code:

# friendly url rules
RewriteRule ^/go/(.*)$ /go.cfm?path=/go/$1 [L,PT]

That was it, seems to be working like a champ now. You can check it out at

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